Transforming Education Through Efficient Document Management and Workflow

educationWith their myriad departments, majors, faculty and students, academic environments have often become somewhat of a records fiasco over the decades. With each course and department having its own requirements and often its own computer applications, integrating everything into one unified document management system could seem virtually impossible. Add to that the unique requirements of the admissions department, accounting and administration for the institution as a whole and the situation can become overwhelming. It’s easy to understand why bulging file cabinets and endless stacks of paper populate most high schools and colleges. Lost papers, missed deadlines and exceedingly late communications are often the result.

If ever there was an environment crying for the benefits of a great electronic document management system, such as the FileBound Document Management Solution, education is it.

Using FileBound, an educational institution can assimilate documents and processes from every academic department and function of the college (admission, accounting, administration, security, etc.) into one amazingly organized system. FileBound is compatible with most computer applications, so there’s no problem integrating information from across campus.

Through FileBound, everything becomes accessible via computer, even remote computer, with the ability to limit viewership and editing ability on a case-by-case or class basis. Since everything is interconnected, workflow is smooth. Professors can submit grades, notify administration of changes, alter the syllabus and plan the midterm department evaluation through the system. Admissions can maintain every portion of a student’s application in one location and monitor the entire admissions process to streamline acceptances and process tuition. A student’s file contains everything relating to that student—and there’s only one secure place where it’s located, not 10 different locations across campus.

With FileBound your college, university or even high school will enjoy a level of organization that benefits everyone in your institution.

Several Types of Documents You Can Manage Using FileBound:

  • Applications for Admission, Graduation and Residence
  • Change of Address Forms
  • Conduct Statements
  • Diplomas
  • Enrollment Certifications
  • Financial Aid Applications
  • Financial Aid Disbursement Records
  • Financial Statements
  • Fee Adjustment Requests
  • Late Registration Waivers
  • Parking Permit Applications
  • Privacy Requests
  • Report Cards
  • Scholarship Applications
  • Transcript Requests
  • Transcripts
  • Withdrawal Forms