Save Money Fast…Introducing FileBound Express

FileBound Express provides everything you need right in the box.

Simply plug the Express appliance into your network and instantly begin realizing the benefits of your own  full-featured Document and Work Management Solution.

The new FileBound Express 6.5.

With FileBound Express we drive the complexity and high cost of ownership out of Document Management Solutions.  FileBound Express provides all the tools you need to scan paper documents, import images from your office copier, and save electronic documents from Microsoft Word or other applications.

FileBound Express delivers instant results for the following applications:

FileBound Express delivers on the promises of document security, control, and access without the technical complexity and cost typically associated with Document Management Solutions.

FileBound Express provides:

  • Document Integrity – Documents properly stored in FileBound Express can never be misfiled or lost and eliminates the cost and lost productivity associated with finding them.
  • Document Security – Documents stored in FileBound Express can have security policies applied to them so that sensitive information can be protected.
  • Document Access – FileBound Express is an inherently multi-user system and provides distributed access to documents any time you need them right at the users desktop.
  • Document Archiving – FileBound Express makes it easy to setup processes for archiving documents based on predetermined criteria.
  • Disaster Recovery – FileBound Express makes it easy to create and maintain back up copies of critical business documents thereby providing quick recovery in the event of a natural disaster.
  • Regulatory Compliance – FileBound Express provides the functionality to address the legal requirements to protect private information and documents.

FileBound Express specifications:

  • Pre-installed with FileBound Document and Work Management Software.
  • Easy to install plug and play network appliance.
  • Connects to any corporate network with an ethernet cable.
  • Provides 10 concurrent user access, with unlimited logins.
  • Upto 2 million document storage license.
  • Automatic scheduled backups.
  • Pre-configured applications.

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