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Integration with your core business applications and Windows has become a requirement for a Document Management System. Information coming from numerous sources must be able to be saved quickly and efficiently into these systems. Likewise, the data in your existing core applications has been accumulated over time, at a considerable expense and is now a valuable asset. These systems must provide a process that allows you to leverage your investment in these systems and data. FileBound provides the tools you need to directly integrate with all your existing applications and to unlock the value of your data.

The FileBound integration solution is broken down into the following  major components:

  • Integration Platform [powered by Flow] is a piece of middle-ware that integrates with any modern day software solution via API [incl. Web Services], ODBC database connection or Flat File.  It has email and FTP transports and can consume or publish modern day web services.  Click here to see more information.
  • Integration Kit which integrates with Windows, enables desktop scanning, searching, audio recording, screen shot capture and CD/DVD production. The best feature? It is all standard functionality!
  • Application Integrator is used to link a businesses core application (i.e. AP, AR, HR, Manufacturing, Practice Management Software) to FileBound. This is accomplished in one of two manners. The first is the mapping of form fields and using a predefined hotkey to launch a FileBound search or indexing event. The second is screen scraping as in a terminal emulator to again launch a FileBound search or indexing event.
  • FileBound Object Model – The FileBound Object Model is the API for the FileBound system version 5 and above. The FileBound Object Model is built on the .NET 2.0 framework and is compatible with any .NET 2.0 programming environment, such as Microsoft Visual Studio 2005. The FileBound Object Model provides programmatic access to all functions and features of the FileBound system.
  • Custom Development – The FileBound Content Management functionality can be embedded within existing applications or used as a development platform to create new content centric solutions. FileBound provides the APIs, sample code, documentation, and training developers require to successfully build custom Content Management Solutions.

The FileBound Difference: – Unlimited Users – SaaS or Premise Based Licensing – Integrated Electronic Forms – Configurable Workflow – Unlimited Integration Options