FileBound SQL Database Integration

Connecting Data, Documents and SQL Database

With the FileBound SQL Integration, sharing data and documents between FileBound and any other SQL database has never been easier. By storing and managing your data and documents in a single source and effortlessly connecting systems, you maximize effciencies while maintaining security and control.

Integration allows you to leverage your investment in technology, training and processes by delivering a document management solution right within your existing core application.

The FileBound Integration Platform is an easy-to-configure solution that reduces implementation and adoption time and provides the exchange services you need to be successful. Simply map data elements from any SQL source and FileBound, schedule the updates, and start the service. Data and documents that are added, deleted or changed in either system are now dynamically updated during each cycle.

Business Process Integration

The ability to combine the FileBound document management workflow with the FileBound QB data integration creates a powerful extension to your existing business processes.

Data Integration

Improve efficiency and reduce data entry errors by:

  1. Importing data from SQL Source into FileBound
  2. Exporting data from FileBound into a SQL destination

Simple Data Mapping

Easy to use mapping configuration that reduces implementation time and errors.


Schedule each import or export to run un-attended to ensure the most accurate data is available at the right time.