Need to Drag and Drop from Outlook?

Can’t Drag and Drop to Skype, Dropbox, SharePoint, One Drive or Box?

Drag and Drop not working in Outlook?

Can’t Drag and Drop from email?

Outlook2Web is the answer.


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How Outlook2Web Saves you Time

If you need to move attachments from emails in Outlook into browser based web applications, you know that the default process is painful. You have to get the files onto your filesystem, then drag them to your web application and then you need to delete the file from your filesystem.

Outlook2Web turns this all into a single, one step process. Just drag files directly from Outlook to your web browser.

Outlook2Web Features

Drag Attachments : You can drag attachments from Outlook to any website that supports HTML5 drag and drop.
Copy and Paste : Copy an attachment in Outlook and Paste it into HTML5 websites that support Copy and Paste of attachments.
Multi Attachment Support : You can select a bunch of attachments and drag them from Outlook to the web application all in one go.
Drag Emails and Outlook objects : You can drag email (.msg files) from Outlook directly into web applications.
Drag Attachments to Outlook : You can drag attachments from web applications to Outlook if the web app supports it (e.g. gmail).
Drag Emails as .eml files : You can configure Outlook2Web to deag emails as .eml as opposed to .msg files. Web apps can decode .eml files easily.
Drag Emails as .zip archives : You can configure Outlook2Web to deag emails as a .zip file contain the .eml message and all the attachments
Temporary Disable : You can can easily disable Outlook2Web temporarily without having to uninstall.
Easy Deployment : Command line tools to make deployment across thousands of machines simple.
Browser Support : Works in Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome and Edge.
Outlook Support : Works in Outlook 2007, 2010, 2013 & 2016.
OS Support : Works on Windows XP to Windows 10. Please note this software does not work on Mac computers.
Drag to Desktop : You can change the default handling of drag to desktop from .msg to .eml or .zip. [COMING SOON].