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“You Suck”? – How Customer Success transformed our organisation for the better.

In May 2018 we implemented a Customer Success Program (CSP) into our organisation. We did this for a few key reasons; We had some key trusted advisors telling us how it had helped transform their businesses. We had a growing sense that we were disconnected from our customers and An opportunity emerged to employ a key […]

4 Tips to De-risk your AP Automation Project

Accounts Payable Automation is the process of re-engineering the accounts payable process to create and improve efficiencies. More often than not it involves digitisation and centralisation of a process that is currently manual and paper-centric. When done correctly an AP Automation project is not just automation of the current process, it is a complete re-imagining of the […]

Maximising Solution ROI…

So, you are going digital. You have started or completed a project/s to implement digital solutions. You and your technology partner have analysed your requirements and worked hard to test and turn on a digital platform. But what then…. One item often overlooked when implementing digital solutions is the changing environment within which they will […]

More Solution Sales – Less Effort

If you spend your days going from demonstration to demonstration and are continually frustrated that your close rate is not high enough then this article may offer some insight that can help. Last year we ran an education event for our partners titled “Demonstration Masters”. The goal of the event was to show the attendees […]

Procuring Digital Transformation? Tread Carefully.

Digital transformation of an organisation is a complex undertaking that involves a change in culture that is more profound than both the technical and process changes combined. A significant number of organisations lack the skills internally to deliver a transformation process and generally will rely on external parties to assist. If you accept the notion that […]

Poor Project Execution – The Hidden Costs

IT projects are notorious for having a high rate of partial or total failure.  These failures are often born of poor project execution and can lead to any or all of the following outcomes; Additional resources needed to deliver the project on time. Additional time to deliver the project with the same resources. Reduced or modified functionality of the project […]

Becoming the Trusted Advisor

As the world continues to change as does the role of the salesperson. In many ways the transformation of the sales team (and its members) is the most important transformation in any organisation for as we all know “nothing happens until someone sells something”.  In this blog we will be exploring the traits of the Trusted […]

Avoid Implementation Issues – The Big Four.

Our organisation spends a lot of time assisting others to implement Document and Work Management solutions.  We have been doing this since 2007 and individually many of us have been doing this for a lot longer with other organisations.  We are still surprised at organisational avoidance of implementing change management processes for their teams. Many […]