We have compiled a list of handy tips and tricks to help you get the most out of your FileBound solution.

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Autoload next Assignment in the FileBound Web Viewer

Learn how to configure the FileBound Viewer to automatically load your next assignment after processing the current assignment.

FileBound Search Variables

Discover the variables that can be used within FileBound search areas to find exactly what you need.

Overview of the FileBound Web Viewer

Learn about the components of the FileBound Web Viewer.

Creating a Saved Search

Saved searches can provide instant information to a user. For example, easily see how many documents are in a particular step of the workflow by creating a saved search per status.

Workflow Assignments: Process multiple assignments at the same time

Ever wanted to process more than one assignment at a time? Learn how in this short video.

Workflow Assignments: How to sort

Sort your workflow assignments to ensure you can promptly action items.

Retain the document name when uploading

By default, FileBound may rename your uploaded document to ‘Document 001’. Learn how to change a simple setting to retain the original document name when you upload.

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