File Tracking

pileoffilesA web-based system designed to track the usage and availability of paper files. The FileBound Enterprise Document Management Solution leverages the advantage of bar-code technology to identify each paper file as a unique object. In addition, FileBound has the ability to scan documents on an as-needed basis.

Search for a file and determine its present location. If a file is located in its home location, that file can then be checked out. If the file is currently checked out to another user, you can record a request for the file. When the file is checked in, the requesting user will receive an e-mail notification of its availability. The location of the file and the user in possession of the file is always known and recorded. FileBound also allows a user to transfer ownership of a file to another user. FileBound tracks the usage of any file and can be configured to record the reason for the checkout.

FileBound provides the ability to generate reports on demand. These reports will list the current status, complete history of any user that has requested access to the file along with the reasons for the request. The reports assist users and companies to maintain superior audit procedures and information and comply with required agency regulations. FileBound will allow health care providers to comply with the patient privacy provision of the HIPAA regulations.