What is Document Management?


Document Management is a systematic process of securing, accessing, and tracking all of your critical information and documents. Effective and Efficient management of your information and documents is imperative to the success of your organization and allows you to control costs, stay compliant, and mitigate risk.

With vast amounts of information it is essential to simplify the way your documents are stored and accessed. Document Management involves the collaboration of: paper documents, pictures, graphs, faxes, podcasts, as well as many other document types into one single location. Document Management Solutions are the key to maintaining control over all of your information.


Document Management Solutions provide you the ability to sort, retrieve, manage and protect all of your documents. Your documents can then be analysed and transformed into information with a functional context. With useful information from all of your paper and electronic documents in a single electronic location, strategic decisions can be formulated to benefit your organisation. With easy access to your mission critical information you can gain a competitive advantage in your space. Documents that once existing in separate storage silos are now merged and joined with each other. Through different search techniques and options, correlations between the documents can be found. The relationships between different documents within the organised information can then be easily accessed, retrieved and used.


Document Management Solutions will not only simplify your usage of valuable information they will also:
  • Prevent lost documents
  • Save money and space
  • Provide a secure location for your documents
  • Make better use of your time
In our constantly changing technology based world it is essential to transform the way documents and information are organized. With one single location storing all of your documents, information can be instantly accessed, organized, retrieved and understood. Document Management allows all of your paper and electronic documents to be controlled together. When you’re in control of your documents they can be converted into meaningful information that will add value to your organization and assist in the achievement of your goals.