All Enterprise Document Management Solutions should incorporate workflow! Many applications require multiple decision points and the ability to share documents among many users to complete these. The FileBound workflow module automates the collaboration and assignment of tasks to accelerate the completion of critical business decisions. This equates to increased operational efficiencies, reduced costs, and organizational scalability. Advantages of implementing Workflow:

  • Allows companies to define, study and document their business processes
  • Automatically distributes work or tasks to specified users or groups for action or decision-making
  • Reduces time and costs associated with manual steps or inactivity
  • Complete reporting and process audit trail
  • Promotes responsibility and accountability

Typical applications that benefit from FileBound workflow include Vendor Invoice processing, HR hiring processes, Medical Transcription approvals, Lab Results routing, Remote Coding applications and Loan Approval processes. In each of these applications routing rules are configured which include the route each document takes upon entering the workflow based on index data. At each step in the workflow, decisions are made which determine the next step in the process. At each step users have the ability to create notes that travel with the document as it is processed. Users are assigned tasks that need to be completed and are notified of the task via email and with an entry in their task list.

Documents can enter a workflow either as a result of scanning the document, importing of application documents, the creation of an electronic form or through manual assignment.

Accounts Payable Workflow Example


  • Automatically distributes work to specific users or groups
  • Forwards documents through successive work steps without delay
  • Allows document to be prioritized based on certain criteria
  • Route by index value
  • Voting privileges
  • Automatically update index values
  • Allows tasks to be completed and authorized by specific users
  • Provides a process for load balancing work
  • Provides a quality control process
  • Unlimited number of users
  • Integration with other systems

FileBound workflow allows you to control operational costs, create employee accountability and increase your organisation’s scalability. Contact us today and put the power of FileBound to work for your organisation.